Gestures & Sounds, Service Desk 201, plus TBA

Gestures & Sounds

Service Desk 201

plus TBA

Tue, April 16, 2019

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Gestures & Sounds
Gestures & Sounds
Gestures & Sounds is a one-stop shop for a great time. Their authentic compositions are raw and evoke real feelings, mostly because they don’t know how to be any other way. Live performances are a rollercoaster of up and higher. Warmth in sound and lyrics is a given with these guys. From cozy and swooning to top-of-the-lungs raging. In tune with each other, the crowd, and anyone wearing flannel at any given moment in the world, G&S are equal parts melodically innovative and lyrically wrenching.

Blurring the ever-hazing line between visuals and music, they also conjure up their own video content. Talented filmmakers as well as musicians, G&S create all of their own music videos from start to finish. They’re in a venture all their own and offer an experience to anyone who appreciates a cut to the beat.

This LA for-peace four-piece started creating together in 2016, and love each other, full stop. It’s obvious from their outpour of electric silliness on stage. At the end of the day, all they want is for everyone to have a good time. And beer. Lots of beer
Service Desk 201
Venue Information:
Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107