Whitney Rose, Bob Hillman

Whitney Rose

Bob Hillman

Thu, April 4, 2019

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Whitney Rose
Whitney Rose
Rewind to January 2017. Whitney Rose was primed to release her first recording of the year, South Texas Suite, a countrypolitan valentine to her hometown of Austin, Texas. Days before the EP hit the streets and Rose kicked off a four-month worldwide tour, the burgeoning songwriting force packed her boots for Nashville, where she entered BlackBird Studio A to reconvene with the Mavericks’ Raul Malo. In one short week, Rose, Malo and co-producer Niko Bolas crafted her acclaimed latest effort, Rule 62. Rose, a unique and inimitable writer and performer has been highly lauded for her work. Rose and her seasoned band have performed nearly four hundred shows in the past two years gaining international notoriety. Here is what people are saying:

“Whitney Rose is making country music gold.” - THE FADER

This Texas-based singer's 21st-century update of classic country's most cherished ideals – boot-stomping rhythms and take-no-guff lyrics – is rich with sly wisdom, its full-bodied arrangements putting the spotlight on her sweetly tart soprano." - ROLLING STONE

"This is her singular vision. And with two terrific worldwide releases to her name, she’s just getting started... She pens nine of the eleven tracks, all of which tap into a stylized yet never clichéd, ’60s-influenced era in country." - AMERICAN SONGWRITER

"Rose has acquired a deft talent for penning timeless material...Rule 62 suggests she’s firmly etched her identity in a genre that begs for singularity simply to stand out." - PASTE

"Meticulous in every respect. On Rule 62 she channels her inner Bobbie Gentry... In short, Rose does not limit herself, or want to be pigeonholed. She's doing it her way." - NO DEPRESSION

"All performances on Rule 62 are delivered with a casual assurance that gives the record the feeling of an old favorite; it feels like a record that you've lived with for years, in the best possible sense." - ALLMUSIC

"Whitney Rose elevates herself by writing and selecting songs that do what all the best classic country artists did: say something in a way that’s never been said before, giving perspective to universal emotions and moments, and making you feel something deeper than simple nostalgia." - SAVING COUNTRY MUSIC
Bob Hillman
Bob Hillman
I had a good run in the late 90s/early 00s, releasing three albums and touring the United States and Europe, including 80 some-odd dates as the opening act on Suzanne Vega’s Songs in Red and Gray tour. Along the way, I earned positive notices like this one from Susan Stamberg on All Things Considered:

“I’ve never heard of this Mr. Bob Hillman but that song about War and Peace is enough to make you want to pick up War and Peace and start reading it.”

In 2003, however, I made the decision to become “employable” by going to business school; I then spent ten years working as a marketer on brands like Formula 409, Glad, and QuickBooks and raising my two sons, who are now in elementary school.

A 2014 layoff – which opened up some time for writing and meditating on the possibilities, music-wise – roughly coincided with Peter Case’s relocating from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Peter, a songwriter’s songwriter, had encouraged me since the mid-90s, when I sent my first batch of demos to an address on the back of his Torn Again album. We re-connected and, after a year and many, many cups of coffee, decided to work together.

Peter was a major impetus for the project – how could I resist the opportunity to work with one of the songwriters who inspired me to become a songwriter? – but the mainstreaming of crowdfunding didn’t hurt. My Kickstarter reached its initial, possibly-too-modest goal in two days and eventually generated almost $20,000. Crowdfunding can work for the financing part, but it’s also great for gauging interest among your friends/fans. I needed that vote of confidence!

The result is Lost Soul, produced by Peter Case with twelve new songs culled from the hundred or so new ones since 2005. The album was recorded by Sheldon Gomberg at The Carriage House in Silver Lake, CA with superb musicians including Joseph Arthur (loops, electric guitar), Danny McGough (keyboards), Jonny Flaugher (bass), Danny Frankel (drums), Cindy Wasserman (harmony), and my good friends Marky and Kipp Lennon (harmony). It was a privilege to spend a few days playing with these guys, and I don’t take it for granted.

I’m proud of this recording, which – thanks to Peter Case’s vision and Joseph Arthur’s loops, among many other things – relies on a less crafted, more visceral sound than the straightforward folk-rock in my catalog.

My ambitions are also different from the old days, when conquering the world still held some appeal: I just want a few more people to hear these songs. But, for me personally and perhaps for others, Lost Soul is about more than just the songs or the sound. As one fan put it in a recent email:

“You know, I think seeing you ‘back’ could be the most inspiring thing I’ve come across in years. After sleeping on it, I’m rethinking all the things I thought I’d never do again…”
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