LEEDS (Royston Langdon), Lucinda Belle (915pm Set)

LEEDS (Royston Langdon)

Lucinda Belle (915pm Set)

Wed, September 26, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

LEEDS (Royston Langdon) - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
LEEDS (Royston Langdon)
“This work is a reflection of the re-gentrification of places and the real and meaningful memories they leave in their wake. How our own growth, over time, leaves us with a shifted perspective on ourselves. The once familiar now gone, never to come back except through the ghosts of lovers, places, objects.” -- Royston Langdon

LEEDS is Royston Langdon, former lead singer of Spacehog, with a name that's a nod to his hometown and an album, Everything's Dandy, that is a culmination of his 24 years in New York, both in its content and its production.

"I've lived here longer than I've lived anywhere on the planet," says Langdon of New York. "I feel like I'm part of the city in a way."

Originally from Leeds, Langdon got his start playing music in the U.K. In 1994, however, he followed his brother Antony to New York and fell for the city immediately. Not long after the move, Spacehog formed. In the fall of 1995, they released the debut album Resident Alien, which spawned the hit single "In the Meantime." Three more albums followed over the next 18 years.
Lucinda Belle (915pm Set)
Lucinda Belle (915pm Set)
Pop-noir singer-songwriter and harpist Lucinda Belle has spent the last several years conquering the United Kingdom, and is now bringing her trademark sound, melding the elegance of white-gloved classic Hollywood with smart hooks and playful pan-genre appropriation, to the United States.

Considered a child prodigy at the harp, it was expected that Lucinda would continue on to have a successful career in classical music. Instead, she absorbed influences from countless types of music, from classical to jazz, pop to hip hop, blues to reggae, and created a sound that is entirely her own. She was running a successful laundry business in London when Decca Records first approached her with a record deal. Belle sold the laundry, and chased her dream. That dream has recently brought her to the shores of California.

Lucinda’s music will transport you to a seductive and anachronistic world where jazz, soul, gypsy jazz, blues, and reggae meld together creating her unique eclectic sound.

Because of her intuitive artistic instincts, empathy, and boundless musicality, Lucinda has worked with a myriad of iconic musicians throughout her career. A select cross-section of her studio and stage collaborations include Annie Lennox, The Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Ashcroft, Lisa Stansfield, Natalie Cole, Rufus Wainwright, Yes, Seal, Grace Jones, and Jamiroquai (a track later sampled by Missy Elliott). Other collaborations with producers include Raphael Saadiq, Mark Batson (Beyoncé), and The Bullits featuring Jay Electronica, Jay Z, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. She took all of these collaborations and, in October 2016, released an EP entitled Urban Lullabies, a collection of covers featuring re-imaginings of classics by Nirvana, T.I., John Mayer, and Paolo Nutini.

Her attention to her craft and sheer talent has led to opportunities and awards which include an Oscar nomination in 2015 for Best Song with “Going Nowhere” in the film For No Good Reason (Johnny Depp). She also landed a role performing as Dixie Darling with Punch Drunk Theatre Company in their world-renowned immersion play The Drowned Man, as well as making cameo appearances in their New York play Sleep No More.

Lucinda is unashamedly paving the way through her artistry with timeless rebellion and bold presentation. Her authentic connection to all that she does is undeniable.

In the coming year, Lucinda will be releasing her album entitled Think Big : Like Me which reaffirms her revised perspective of what can be done with the harp.

“The girl with the harp is who I am.” - Lucinda Belle
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