Seafoam Green, Wes Haas, plus TBA

Seafoam Green

Wes Haas

plus TBA

Sun, September 2, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Seafoam Green
Seafoam Green
Dave O'Grady - the singer & songwriter of the group 'Seafoam Green' - believes in following his muse. That muse led him as a young Dublin lad to root around his father’s LP collection when his dad was at work or away to discover gems like Neil Young, CCR, Paul Brady & others.

That muse led him to leave his Dublin home at age 18 and move to Liverpool 10 years ago to chase his music. 6 months later, Dave found himself singing “With A Little Help From My Friends” on stage with Ringo Starr in Liverpool in a happenstance occurrence.

It’s the same muse that led to a chance meeting at a studio in Nashville with The Black Crowes' guitarist Rich Robinson.  Rich was producing a session that included Dave’s singing & The Rolling Stones’ sax man Bobby Keys. After hearing some of Dave's original material, Rich insisted on producing Seafoam Green's 2016 debut album titled "Topanga Mansion."

The album ranges from Dave's influences including the American roots music he loves so well in groups like The Band as well as his singer / songwriter heroes in guys like Foy Vance & John Martyn.

“I remember getting to see John Martyn in a small arts centre when I was 13 or 14, this burly one legged Scottish man (that I'd never really heard of) was helped to the stage and quickly blew my little head clean off. That's one of the moments when it became about making music and not necessarily about just “songs.” John was giving and drawing emotion to and from everyone in the room, it was an experience.”

And while there are vintage aspects to "Topanga Mansion," it's largely Dave's voice & lyrical approach that brings a fresh angle to Seafoam Green's work.

Dave & his musical singing partner Muireann McDermot Long joins him in July 2018 & he wants to bring Seafoam Green’s muse to you.
Wes Haas
Wes Haas
Wes Haas is a songwriter brewed in the intersecting music scene of Los Angeles and currently based on the roof of a house in San Francisco. Somewhere between the shadow of Hollywood and the Cold-War nuclear missile silos paved over in the 1970’s, Haas started his trajectory as a drummer with prog-rock/metal band Work in Progress (later, Charter 77) and later switched to guitar and bass for the punk-rock band Von Noble in the late 2000’s. In 2012 he co-founded rock group The Inland Emperors as a lead guitarist/vocalist, and most recently formed the alt-pop duo Dream Diaries in 2015 with longtime friend and co-conspirator Armand Paul.

His debut solo album The Fourth (2015) mixes styles of indie pop, garage rock, and folk while drawing heavily from feelings of loss, separation anxiety, and resilience. The second solo release, an EP titled 8618 (2018), is a collection of post-punk revival ballads, some originally performed with The Inland Emperors. 8618 evokes the blues-rock sound of Topanga Canyon in the 1960’s, bringing the listener into the physical recording space of a small garage in Los Angeles where the EP was written and produced by Haas, also where Haas and Paul produced the album Orange Grove Mystery (2016, streaming) as Dream Diaries. The Fourth, 8618, and Orange Grove Mystery all serve as a testament to the ability of the artist to create with whatever means available, and focus on the heart of songwriting as an exploration of joy and pain both personal and collective.
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Hotel Utah
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