Bone Lhamo Kyap, Caleb Ford

Bone Lhamo Kyap

Caleb Ford

Tue, January 23, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Bone Lhamo Kyap
Bone Lhamo Kyap
The vast and pure feelings from nature will accompany us; those melodies will take us to that pure land. Riding a horse through the snow-capped mountains and grasslands, blue sky and white clouds on the highland planes, eagles flying in the sky; it is here where our life begins and where our life belongs...

Gansu is located between Tibet, Mongolia and the Huangtu high ground. The landscape encompasses galloping rivers, towering snow topped mountains, vast desert and fertile grassland. Bone Lhamo Kyap grew up in the Gannan highland of Gansu. His music expresses the natural and pure life of that diverse region. He sings in the local Gansu dialect with traditional words as well as in Chinese Mandarin and English. Fundamentally the songs are inspired by local Gansu traditional music and Hua'ar melody.

Lhamo Kyap adds his own personal musical sensitivity with his affinity for nature, mixing this with Western elements. He is an outstanding vocalist, whose haunting mountain call echoes the spirit of his ancestors. His songwriting ability and improvisational skills are renowned within the Shanghai music scene.

Time seems to stop when Bone takes his guitar and starts to sing. Something really pure comes from him. His simple and powerful charisma just spreads positive and amazing energy around the room. With his first album,The Ground I Love Forever, he has allowed himself to artistically fly free. In this 21st century, we all need poets. Bone is one of them.

Quentin Paquignon, Founder / Artistic Director POLYMORPH EXTRA
Caleb Ford
Caleb Ford
Caleb Ford brings a truly unique voice to the world stage. His music combines roots rock, blues, Americana, honkytonk, and influences as far afield as the Caribbean and West Africa. He grew up in Detroit, and has traveled the world, from Kingston to Beijing, New York to Paris, making music and growing as an artist along the way. Currently residing in Oakland, CA, his music reflects his travels and life experiences. The son of southern ministers, Caleb grew up in a family of musicians and his sound reflects those familial influences (from his mother's soulful gospel piano playing and singing, to his father's rockabilly guitar playing, and his older brother's deep south blues and southern rock songwriting).

Caleb has recorded, performed, and collaborated with such musical luminaries as Buddy Miles (The Band of Gypsys), Billy Davis (Hank Ballard and the Midnighters), Clark Gayton (Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band), Lucky Dube, Luciano, Motor City Josh, Eddie Kirkland, Chino Swingslide, Noel "Noni" Alphonso, Computer Paul, Sugar Minott, Andy Bassford, Val Douglas, Kevin Batchelor, and many others.

His debut solo record "A World Unknown" was released on October 13th. The album was produced by blues legend Motor City Josh at Sound Shop Studios in Detroit, Michigan. He will be kicking off an international tour in support of the new album in the summer of 2018 with stops in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Gear: Caleb plays several models of Fender Telecasters including his old trusty 1983 MIJ '72 Thinline Reissue, a MIJ '52 Reissue, and a custom Tim-ocaster (hand built by Tim Fowell). He also plays a Gretsch 6120EC (Eddie Cochran model), a 1952 Kay Thin Twin, and a 1964 Harmony Meteor. His acoustics include a 1930s Supertone, and a custom built Mule Resophonic tricone steel resonator guitar. He mainly plays Fender amplifiers, including a Blues Jr., Blues Deluxe, and Super Reverb, as well as a 1961 Silvertone 1482 combo amp.
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Hotel Utah
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