The DANGALEROS, Sweet HayaH, Ghost Town Hangmen



Sweet HayaH

Ghost Town Hangmen

Fri, November 17, 2017

9:00 pm

This event is 21 and over

The DANGALEROS are a South of the Border CHARACTER DRIVEN Spaghetti Western Funk Punk Rock n' Roll Extrava-Flippin'-Ganza

Geographical undesirability is the sole reason The DANGALEROS
formed back in 2016 along the US-MEXICO Border near Tecate, Baja California Norte. With absolutely NO other musicians around
for hundreds of miles, The Despicable Six are forced to
occasionally put aside their deep seated hatred for each other, lay
down their weapons, and call a CEASE-FIRE. . . so they can perform original music together.

Their mistrust and hostility towards each other goes back well over a 150 years. Take for instance; Manco ( United States Border Patrol Agent & Co-Lead Guitar ) and Georgia Murrieta ( Pistolero &
Co-Lead Guitar ). I mean would you want to rip on a guitar next to someone related to the person who paraded one of your family members heads around in a mason jar?

Their debut album (released in 2017) , entitled ¡ CUIDADO ! Here Comes The Dangaleros ! has garnished alternative college and internet radio airplay . . .and proof them hooligans will play just about anything on the air at 2 a.m.

Seriously, if you want something Original, with some catchy fun
lyrics, with those Rockin’, Raw, get on your feet and Wreck ‘n Rage
. . . with a splash of Reverb and Tremolo “Tones” . . . then you
just might dig The DANGALEROS.
Sweet HayaH
Sweet HayaH
Sweet HayaH is composed of Nehal Abuelata (lead vocals/keyboard), Devin Moreno (guitar/backup vocals), Josh Gardner (drums/backup vocals), Aaron Marquez (bass/backup vocals), and Brandon Garcia (trumpet/tambourine/shakers).

Emerging from the multicultural and diverse heart of the Silicon Valley, San Jose’s Sweet HayaH is truly a product of its environment. The band originally hit the local music scene in 2011 and has quickly emerged as a musical force in the Bay Area. Sweet HayaH is an impassioned blend of Rock, Soul, and Funk. Bringing unexpected World nuances, hard-hitting rhythm and blues beats, and passionate, spirited performances that leave audiences begging for more, Sweet HayaH is poised to replicate its Bay Area popularity throughout California and beyond.

The band's powerful, addictive grooves and soulful, heartfelt melodies are matched only by its insatiable drive to give fans more of what they already love. An impressive resume already boasts a self-titled four-track EP, a full-length electric LP (Sweet Awakening), and a recently released acoustic EP (Raw and Acoustic), all supported by energetic and pulse-pounding live shows. The public reaction: an outpouring of positive media attention from independent radio and TV, and an ever-expanding fan following. The single “The Truth” is available for listening at, while an acoustic version of this song can be found on the latest EP.

The band is lyrically multilingual as is represented through its moniker. The word ‘Hayah’ is universally known to mean “life”, and when it comes to this band, life has never been so sweet. In 2014 and beyond, Sweet HayaH will take its unrelenting beat to music festivals, concerts, or maybe even your local music shop. The sky’s the limit for Sweet HayaH.
Ghost Town Hangmen
Ghost Town Hangmen
Formed in the late fall of 2009, Ghost Town Hangmen is a punk fed rock trio from San Jose, California that has become a staple in the west coast music scene. Their sound is a tasteful blend of everything from jazz, rock, and country; to punk, blues, and alternative. This only becomes more apparent upon listening to their explosive self-titled album. Fronted by two singer/songwriters, Craig Hyatt and Paul Mestice, GTH combines dynamic song writing skills and lyrical abilities to guarantee a new level of enthusiasm for all rock genre lovers. Drummer Kyle Malone is no slouch either; pounding out awe-inspiring beats while providing vocal harmonies to sweeten the mix. Songs like “The Beginning of the End”, Sexed Up and Hammered”, “The Water’s Rising”, “Mean Ass Man”, and “If I Had a Dollar” have also been showcased on several radio stations from The west coast to Texas. The boys are no slouches when it comes to performing either. The dynamic trio has wasted no time hitting the west coast music scene, sharing the stage on several occasions with the likes of “The Chop Tops”, “The Koffin Kats”, “Three Bad Jacks”, and “Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys”, to name a few. They have also had the honor of playing with “The Reverend Horton Heat”, “The Dead Kennedys”, and “The Swinging Utters” in the summer of 2011. The band’s high-energy performances and ever disarming sense of humor always leave fans and newcomers thirsting for more. Ghost Town Hangmen is a band you can’t help but love.

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Venue Information:
Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107