D.A. Stern, The Mountain & The Moon feat. Colin Hotz, plus TBA

D.A. Stern

The Mountain & The Moon feat. Colin Hotz

plus TBA

Tue, February 7, 2017

8:00 pm

This event is 21 and over

D.A. Stern
D.A. Stern
Someone lost in the wild of suburban New Jersey could have recently noticed a yellow NILSSON vanity plate parked in the driveway of a quaint kosher house, stumbled inside, and witnessed D.A. Stern and his mom, Annette, drinking red wine, cracking dirty jokes, and watching the New York Yankees on a Wednesday afternoon. By nightfall however, D.A., full name David Aaron, would toil away down below on his inaugural maudlin basement pop gem, Aloha Hola.

Equally inspired by Albert Brooks, Sandy Koufax, and Elvis Costello, Stern is as much a sum of his inspirations, as he is none of them. Like the harmony of pickled herring and pumpernickel bread, D.A. Stern's music is the kind paradoxical convergence that provides a welcomed draft into the family room of a breathing house, and yet, the themes of detached melancholy permeate his songs.
The Mountain & The Moon feat. Colin Hotz
The Mountain & The Moon feat. Colin Hotz
It is my tremendous pleasure to present you with California-based musicians Casey Holmberg and Noah Laniakea. The banjo/bass duo released their debut self-titled EP in January of 2016, a compilation of original music which synthesizes folk, bluegrass, and classical music in a bold and innovative way. Following up on their precocious start, they were invited to the Freshgrass Festival in North Adams, MA as finalists in the international duo competition during the 2016 season. Even more recently, the pair released another album, Live at the Stork Club, which features all the tracks from the EP as well as new originals and arrangements.

The Mountain & The Moon was formed during the spring of 2015 when bassist Noah Laniakea and banjoist Casey Holmberg met at UCLA. Both musicians shared a love for bluegrass and old-time music, and as they rehearsed and performed together they began to explore a larger musical space around that idiom. "What has emerged is a form of classically informed roots music – a blend of the string arrangements on Nico’s Chelsea Girl and the banjo playing of Béla Fleck, perhaps...we are thrilled to have their singular brand of bluegrass represented in our contest."
Freshgrass- 2016

"The new blend of musical composition and musicianship between them marked the sensation of that first impression...they push against the form from both bluegrass and classical forms; they are teaching the form itself new moves.”

- Bruce Milton Cooper, Los Angeles, California, May 2016
Venue Information:
Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107