Booking Info

If you are interested in booking a show at the Hotel Utah, please answer the questions below. Please do not call the bar/club to inquire about booking shows. Please note that we ask all headlining acts to not schedule any other Bay Area shows (including Oakland/Berkeley) 3-4 weeks before or after any show booked at the Hotel Utah, and 2 weeks before or after for supporting/opening acts.


The Hotel Utah Saloon is a 21+ venue for all evening shows. This applies equally to band members and their families and friends.

Your name/Band name
Are you and/or everyone in your band 21 years of age or older?
Email address
The date/dates you are looking to play
Links to hear your music
Band websites/bandcamp pages much preferred to myspace.
What city you or your band are from and/or are based out of
Bay Area clubs you have played
(particularly San Francisco).
A potential bill/lineup*
*Only applicable if you are looking to book a complete lineup/bill (please include additional artist/band links).
Your current draw in San Francisco
(Important: When estimating your draw, please do not inflate the numbers. A conservative estimate is always recommended and appreciated.)
Your methods/strategies to effectively promote a show at the Hotel Utah.
Additional Info/Message

** Please do not send multiple requests to the booking department; if they are interested in working with you on an event, they will respond in a timely manner. Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive we are unable to respond to every submission. **


A note about seeing “TBA” listed on the Hotel Utah calendar:
When we post a “TBA” on our calendar (generally under a headlining act), it oftentimes indicates that we are looking for other artists and bands for that particular show. If you feel that you or your band would be a good addition to that bill, please email us and let us know why you think you or your band would be a good fit.


Lastly, please do not mail or drop off at the club any demos, hard copy press kits etc. unless requested.