Important Show Details


All Bands and Artists performing at the Hotel Utah must be over 21 years of age AND bring proper ID the night of their performance. Failure to do so will result in not being able to perform that evening nor hang out at the club for the show. The Hotel Utah is a 21+ bar and club and does not allow minors into evening shows for any reason whatsoever. [Minors may come to daytime shows if accompanied by a parent or guardian, please ask for details when booking daytime shows.]



All van/trailer/bus etc. parking must be done on the street. We do not have any reserved spots. Street parking is generally not terribly difficult to find but we advise you give yourself extra time to secure a spot. If a spot near the club must be reserved for a large vehicle, a band representative must give the club no less than 7 days notice to notify the police department and request that spots be reserved. Please note that the cost for reserved parking is generally somewhere between $150-$200.



Please check in with the door person or the bartender when you arrive. If you arrive before the door person and/or sound engineer, please make sure you check in with them as soon as they arrive. Our door person will be the one with whom you will work with that evening to go over set times, guest lists, hospitality and payout.



Load-in and sound-check at Hotel Utah starts about 90 minutes prior to showtime. Therefore, if your show is scheduled for an 8pm start, we ask all Bands and Artists to arrive by 6:30pm; for 9 pm start times, please arrive by 7:30pm. Generally, on a 3-act night when the headliner plays last, the headliner should be ready to set up and soundcheck one hour before showtime; the opener should set up and soundcheck 30 minutes before showtime; the middle band should expect a line check at the beginning of their set.
We encourage Bands and Artists to share backline whenever possible. This will enable efficient changeover periods between bands while also ensuring that show/set time schedules run as on-time as possible. We love especially when Bands share drum kits.
If you arrive before the sound engineer, please DO NOT load in to the stage and set up your equipment. If you must load gear in and find parking, please keep the gear off the stage if possible. If you must use the stage, stack gear neatly in cases – again, please do not begin setting up until you’ve spoken with the sound engineer.
Bands are permitted to arrive earlier if needed, however they must arrange in advance for any earlier soundchecks. Please do not touch our sound console or any of the house sound equipment prior to the sound engineer’s arrival at the club.



The door person is responsible for checking all band member IDs and getting guest lists together. Each Band member is entitled to 1 guest and we encourage all bands and artists to please keep the guest list to a minimum. The guest list cannot exceed a maximum of 15 guests total (amongst all bands and artists combined).


Hotel Utah tech specs are available as a PDF at this page.



Please send all stage plots and input lists to and cc



The Hotel Utah does not provide backline but we do have a Yamaha Upright Piano available for use.  The piano is generally in good tune but if any Artist requires a pre-show tuning we can offer that service for $85. If that’s the case, please notify the club no less than 10-14 days prior to your show.



The Utah provides some free backstage beer for band members. Please do not share these with folks who are not on the bill that night.


The Utah provides discounted food from our regular menu to local bands. The Utah provides free food from a limited menu for touring bands. We have a small kitchen that does some darn tasty and popular food (including Vegetarian and Vegan options). PLEASE plan ahead: order all food together for each band, and understand that we generally need to prioritize paying customers’ orders. Check with the server to make sure the food will be ready when you are. Our kitchen is open until 11 PM, so eating after sound check (or later) is also an option.



If you’re sending posters to the venue to be posted, please make sure they indicate the date of the show, and time and ticket price if known. This will more likely get your posters up in a timely and accurate manner.


**Note: All bands playing at Hotel Utah are responsible for complying with San Francisco’s Public Works Code regarding the posting of flyers or other signs. Guidelines can be viewed by clicking on this link.**