Manzanita Falls (closing set), Jon Davidson (of Crown Point), Michael Shapiro

Fri, March 15, 2013

9:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Leviathan is an aggressive Alternative Rock band out of Burlingame, CA, a small suburb just south of San Francisco, that is known for their in-your-face energy, hard drops, catchy melodies, and huge emphasis on vocal harmonies. The band's heavier, melodic twist on the Alternative Rock genre can be accredited to their diverse array of influences including acts like Blink-182, Saosin, Third Eye Blind, The Script, Linkin Park, and John Mayer. Through their lyrical content, the music's words delve into the feelings of life's ups and downs, illustrating the growth in finding a sense of self, getting into closer touch with reality, and coming out an improved, happier individual.
Manzanita Falls (closing set)
Manzanita Falls (closing set)
Formed in the fall of 2011, Manzanita Falls is a four-piece indie-rock group from San Francisco Bay Area. They started out small, playing local shows while developing their distinctive sound. Influenced by bands like The National, Wilco, and The Frames, their sound is comfortably familiar and also uniquely Manzanita Falls.

Their debut album Vinyl Ghost will be available this April, and the band will be touring the west coast in support of the album.

Manzanita Falls describes the album's title as "the symbol of a record player that a couple shared before a death and a haunting remembrance of loss."

Originally slated to be released in November of 2012, Vinyl Ghost was delayed after the band went through a near-fatal car accident in Abilene, TX that left drummer, Matt Coit, with a fractured neck.

After months of healing, the band is ready to go and excited to be bringing their dynamic tunes and captivating performances to a national audience. Vinyl Ghost will be released April 17th, 2013.
Jon Davidson (of Crown Point)
Jon Davidson (of Crown Point)
Jon Davidson is a guy from Portland, OR, who happens to be an alternative electro/indie/pop artist.

In addition to his solo career, Jon is the frontman for the alt/pop band Crown Point and, formerly, the hard rock band Silversafe. In addition, he has released two solo albums in the past three years, and is releasing a third in April 2013. Jon's songs have spun on over 275 FM stations. He has been honored to share the stage with all kinds of artists, from Puddle Of Mudd to Matt White, from Saliva to Tyrone Wells, from Nonpoint to Brendan James, from Powerman 5000 to SafetySuit. Jon has toured in 44 US states, six Canadian provinces, and five countries.
Michael Shapiro
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