Casual Dolphins

Casual Dolphins

Dragontime, Luke Sweeney

Tue, March 19, 2013

9:00 pm


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Casual Dolphins
Casual Dolphins
Shifty Carnivals at night, marine dreams, and tye dye haunted houses are the settings for the songs of the casual dolphins . Most tunes experiment with word bending and chordal dreaming. Grooves captured and repeated until they turn to reveal new meadows of thought. The Casual Dolphins play the blues of the past; authentic and hard. "Lazy Circles" is the first official L.P. release from the project and can be found through local imprint 20 sided records. It was mostly recorded at the Balboa theater during late night sessions last November through January. It demonstrates the strange fascinations of the 32 year old music lover and California native. The songs came out with the veneer of the ghostly abandon created in the late night of one's mind.

Experimenting with drum machines and tape delays the album takes a que from Sly and the Family Stone's "There's a Riot Goin' On" and mixes it with the surfy haze of the Ventures "Psychedelic Guitars". As a result the album has the paranoid groove of a Halloween party taking place in a barn during a heavy rain. After many line up changes over the years the roster now sits as a three piece including longtime collaborator lucas boilon and surf-rock mad-man shawn wyman.
Luke Sweeney
Luke Sweeney
California. appendectomy '82. graduated kindergarten '86. first joint summer of '93. broken jaw '94. first guitar '94. quit the basketball team '95. electric guitar '95. first tour 2002. purchased Yamaha MT-50 4-track machine '03. remedial jobs to support chronic songwriting/recording/touring habit '03 - present
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Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107