Diggin Dirt, Pistachio, plus TBA

Diggin Dirt


plus TBA

Tue, March 21, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Diggin Dirt
Diggin Dirt
Diggin Dirt has been planting its roots in Humboldt County since 2011 and its growth has shown no signs of slowing. Ranging from Roots Rock Reggae to Afrobeat and Heavy Funk, Diggin Dirt searches the earth for the dirtiest of grooves to make you dance and enjoy every bit of life. You gotta dig that dirt!
Conceived on a boat in Southern Mexico, born in West Oakland, Pistachio plays groove-driven rock. Sometimes it's funky, other times it's latin, reggae, or disco, but at its core it gets you moving. Their songs cascade from dramatic orchestrations to extended improvisations, and just when you think you've pegged them, they assume a new sonic guise. Vocal harmonies provide the anchor for these disparate influences, pushing the band to sound much larger than your average trio.

Their debut EP, Tehuantepec, recorded after only a month of performing hints at each of the members' individual influences and their collective tenure in the UC Berkeley's Jazz program. They have since tripled their pool of original songs and developed a signature style that can only be experienced live. With the inclusion of covers that range from Jorge Ben to Paul Simon, the band can play a three hour set that looks as professional as it sounds and moves as much as it grooves.
Venue Information:
Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107