The Sam Chase, The Cuss

The Sam Chase

The Cuss

Anju's Pale Blue Eyes (closing set)

Sat, August 18, 2012

9:00 pm

$8 Advance/$10 at the Door

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

The Sam Chase
The Sam Chase
The Sam Chase has a voice like a Nun on the lam with a mouthful of cigarettes and curse words in a lonely bar, drunkenly dancing next to a broken jukebox. His songs are scribbled, not written, on lipstick and sweat stained motel bedsheets because he likes the way the ink bleeds. His guitar runs on diesel and leaks like the morning after too much Whiskey. His is a show you'll probably want to tattoo on your body so everyone will know that you knew him before he was cool.

His backing band, The Functional Alcoholics are descended from Norse Warriors known as The Berserkers. Old Norse literature and historians note that Berserkers fought with an uncontrollable, trance-like fury. They would work themselves into a rage before battle, consuming drugged foods, and dressed in nothing but their enemies blood. The Functional Alcoholics follow their ancestors ancient practices before every show.
The Cuss
The Cuss
The Cuss are a happily married pair of bike enthusiasts from San Francisco. They play straight-ahead rock songs; some heavy, some sweet, all hammering on heartstrings. Their stage show is sweaty and fun, and their debut EP stays true to what they put across live: drums, guitar, an amp, a microphone, and a lot of love. What you see is what you get, and it's just what you needed.

When not rehearsing or performing, Wendy and Josh can be spotted around the city riding bikes, drinking beers, talking to dogs, and starting dance parties.
Anju's Pale Blue Eyes (closing set)
Anju's Pale Blue Eyes (closing set)
Anju’s Pale Blue Eyes is a group that coalesced in San Francisco
in early 2011. Based around the confessional singer/songwriter
stylings of Nick Anju, the group currently incorporates a
classically trained cello backbone, postpunk and r n’b guitar
playing, and the rhythmic pulse of Adirondack banjo. The
songs are alternately orchestrated between disparate
instruments or flowing into living, breathing jams
of dynamic and melodic feeling. With such various influences
as socially aware acoustic folk, indie rock, shoegaze,bluegrass,
classical harmony, psychedelic, and the occasional rockabilly
flourish, Anju’s Pale Blue Eyes draws from many styles and
brings them together for a unique musical experience. They
are currently working on their debut EP.
Venue Information:
Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107