Sarah Lou Richards, Melody Walker

Sarah Lou Richards

Melody Walker

The JRo Project (closing set)

Tue, August 21, 2012

8:00 pm


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Sarah Lou Richards
Sarah Lou Richards
Sarah Lou Richards stands at the hands of Americana tradition; a singer/songwriter and compelling bedrock artist with energy, emotion and the work ethic of a new generation.

Richards was born March 7, 1982 in Hudson, Wisconsin and at the age of nine, moved to Madison, Connecticut, where she was raised on her father’s music junkie flare and her mother’s vintage record taste.

She attended the Hartt School of Music in West Hartford, Connecticut. From there, Richards returned to the Midwest on a scholarship to study scores and compositions at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. In 2005, she graduated with a major in Music Education and an emphasis on vocals.

Richards took what she learned during recitals and performances, to educate young, aspiring musicians. For nearly two years, Richards taught K-5 on the East Coast, only to find the classroom wasn’t a perfect fit.

With just enough money set aside to pay for a couple months of rent, Richards crossed the Tennessee state line, determined to make a name for herself using her journal of song titles, hooks and lines.

After only a year of building on her songwriting and balancing three part-time jobs, Richards penned “Emerald City,” a five-song EP that independently sold more than one thousand copies. Her first debut musical set on iTunes delivered a sneak peek into Richards’ carefree view of life and wry sense of humor.

Taking inspiration from artists as diverse as mainstream acts like the Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert, and Bonnie Raitt to alternative singer-songwriters Ryan Adams, Brandi Carlile, Patty Griffin, and David Wilcox, Richards has crafted a debut cache of self-penned tunes that show off her talent not only as a vocalist but also as lyricist.

In 2010, she released “Ruby Red Shoes,” a full length disc produced by Henry Paul (BlackHawk / The Outlaws) capturing the fragrant nuance that marks Richards’ artistry and on-stage talent.

The breadth of Richards’ personal and professional life infuses a positive spirit, yet fierce intellect. Her music showcases one who is not afraid to be a real sinner and a quiet saint.

Today, she continues to embrace her growing fan base at a directory of honky-tonks, watering holes and music venues across the country. Her homemade success earns endless recognition as it comes alive without the benefit of a recording contract or publishing deal, but has stemmed solely from Richards’ pure passion for song and voice.
Melody Walker
Melody Walker
Melody Walker writes songs that are bold and provocative in forms that are familiar and infectious. Her powerful voice - something like honey crackling with gold dust, laid over a smoldering campfire - sings of a new kind of American dream - more pragmatic, more individualistic, more here-and-now. With one foot in the gold rush past and the other in the present, she sends up southern rock, old-time banjo tunes, and saloon ballads into another dimension.

Melody's soulful songwriting and Jacob's picking prowess join together in a duo that is creating it's own genre: "Americali". Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, respectively, Melody and Jacob represent a real fusion of ideas and sounds, with the literacy and musicianship to pull it off. Their voices harmonize earnestly over intricate textures of banjo, guitar and mandolin, as they sing of ancient truths and futuristic myths, bringing their eclectic influences to life in traditional forms.
The JRo Project (closing set)
The JRo Project (closing set)
Joy Roster (JRo), a Boston native, needed no further convincing when she found music. It was love at first sight. Finding peace and enjoyment in harvesting the craft of entertainment at Peggy Parker Dance Academy, she continued to fuel the flame her parents ignited. Growing up listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Dean Martin, Luther Vandross, Menudo, and genres that spanned from Soca to Calypso, Country, and R&B was a sure road to becoming what she has become today.
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