French Cassettes

French Cassettes

Bonnie and the Bang Bang, O Presidente

Sun, July 15, 2012

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

French Cassettes
French Cassettes
Between these four musicians, French Cassettes' individual
craving for what music should feel like creates a unique melting pot of inevitable head bobs and a curiosity of what the next track
will sound like.
Bonnie and the Bang Bang
Bonnie and the Bang Bang
Bonnie & the BANG BANG is a force you soon won't be able to ignore. They are a breath of fresh air in a sea of musical derivatives. With simple song structures, cutting lyrics, rich bluegrass textures and grooving rhythms, their sound is cleverly pop, a fresh take on the folk aesthetic.

Their live show is formidable. The music sweeps in like the cold waters of a slow flood. The tension rises and soon you find yourself up to your neck in the rhythm. Tom Baugh is the glue. His piano and synth leads rip through the warm fabric of guitar, banjo and mandolin played deftly by Jake Dineen. Joe Warren is a rhythm section onto himself. With deep, sometimes effected acoustic guitar, a kick drum and a high hat, Warren's double duty in Bonnie is an impressive feat. You won't be able to keep from swaying from side to side and bouncing on the balls of your feet. The experience is exponentially better when you know the words and can sing along.

The lyrics are subtle and thoughtful. Patrick James Stiles can build on an image or an emotion, arresting the listener's attention and leading them through the corridors of a haunting dream. His narratives are gripping, and although his darker themes are sometimes explicit, the melody is always catchy. You might find yourself humming some of his lyrics the next day.

Bonnie & the BANG BANG have the tools to take the indie music world by storm. They are taking the steps and climbing the ladder of the Bay Area music scene at a rapid pace. You can see them now at intimate venues like Grant and Green in North Beach or Bottom of the Hill.
O Presidente
O Presidente
Native to the Bay Area, O Presidente has since made a name for
itself on college campuses all over the East Coast. (All members of the band attend Wesleyan University, the launching pad for such acts as MGMT, Santigold, and Das
Racist). Inspired by 60s psychedelic pop and contemporary
San Francisco bands, O Presidente is making its Bay Area debut this summer.
Venue Information:
Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107