Matthew Santos, Diamond Rings

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Matthew Santos

Diamond Rings

Wed, August 15, 2012

8:00 pm

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Matthew Santos
Matthew Santos
In 2008 Matthew Santos’ world had undergone a drastic change with the success of his "Superstar" collaboration with Lupe Fiasco. Rihanna, upon meeting Santos at the beginning of the Kanye West Glow in the Dark tour, explained “My manager and I have had extensive conversations about your voice.”. Soon there after, suddenly finding himself shaking hands with Jay-Z while he congratulated Santos on his success, and running into Justin Timberlake affirming, “You have a great voice.”—it seemed Santos’ vocal stylings were being heard by the biggest names in music with the same result each time: Praise. John Legend, Eddie Vedder, and Kimbra have all commented on separate occasions upon hearing Santos that he had “a beautiful voice…”. Six years later Santos’ has six records and two Grammy nominations under his belt, over 300 live performances world-wide, with appearances on David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, Craig Ferguson, TRL; and multiple performances at Lollapalooza, Coachella, Glastonbury, Bonaroo, and the MTV Video Music Awards. Santos was also nominated for “Best Rock Entertainer” at Chicago’s 2009 Music Awards, and was named one of the Top Ten Bands To Watch by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Currently independent, Matthew Santos is working on his 7th official release with a new trio based in Chicago, and continues to tour the world over with his “One- Man-Band” show harnessing a multitude of effects pedals coupled with his unique style of beat-boxing and looping—achieving a massive sound to accompany his renowned voice and heart-felt, soulful songs. The Chicago Sun-Times recognized Santos as an artist who is “organic and soulful and moody, full of interesting musical ideas and dripping with serious vocal talent.” "He takes a driving beat and a pounding acoustic guitar and kneads it into something affirming and urgent." -The Baltimore Sun “out-of-this-world voice…abundance of soul.” -The Cornell Daily Sun
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
First conceived in the summer of 2009 by Toronto-based multiplatform artist John O, Diamond Rings burst onto the scene with a series of singles and videos featuring green screen camera trickery, over the top choreography, and daring androgynous outfits and makeup. The videos received international praise from both the online media and fashionistas alike. The singles, pressed to limited edition vinyl, sold out in a matter of weeks and received critical praise including "Best New Music" honors from Pitchfork.
Although initially pegged in some corners as a novelty act, audiences soon began to identify with Diamond Rings' uniquely lyrical brand of pop songwriting and his overtly glamorous live sets. Showcasing real human emotion and honest vulnerability is rare enough for a 24-year-old let alone one who matches his eye shadow with his Air Force Ones while dancing about onstage with the reckless abandon of a teenager in the bathroom mirror. But there's something surprisingly mature shimmering beneath the glamour, hidden in John O's immediately iconic voice, and whip-smart lyrics.
Now Diamond Rings is finally settling down long enough to deliver a fully realized album, the much anticipated "Special Affections". In keeping with his predilection for confounding public expectation the album dabbles in a wide range of styles and soundscapes. Spacey slow jams give way to aggressive guitar rock that leads seamlessly into shuddering club beats and soaring synth lines. Tying everything together are the heartfelt lyrical sentiments of a young artist interested in far more than getting his audience to "just dance."
"I'd compare my music to the Starz on 54 cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind" that they did for the soundtrack to the movie Studio 54," John O says, adding, "I do not believe that there needs to be a disconnect between popular music and lyrical honesty."
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