Katie Ekin, Gyasi Ross, Starr Saunders

The Show!

Katie Ekin

Gyasi Ross

Starr Saunders

Thu, June 14, 2012

8:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Katie Ekin
Katie Ekin
Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Katie Ekin grew up listening to and watching her father perform in a band. Being raised by music has given Katie the sophistication of someone who's been performing for 30 years. And at 23, her youth makes everything sound honest and pure. It's a combination we crave. Katie has won 10 songwriting awards, including Best Song and Best Performance at the West Coast Songwriters Hollywood competitions. And most recently Katie was chosen as a top finalist for The GRAMMY Gig of a lifetime contest. We’re excited she’s coming back to San Francisco to play the Utah!
Gyasi Ross
Gyasi Ross
Gyasi is a Singer/Songwriter. He plays Acoustic-Hip Hop. He will soon be releasing his first solo acoustic album, “By Any Means”. It features the struggle and the love of getting to this point in Music. Gyasi is extremely charismatic. His music is as light and fun as it is powerful.
Starr Saunders
Starr Saunders
Starr Saunders fell in love with performing and musical theater when she was in High School and went to college in LA to pursue an acting career. While she was pursuing acting a friend heard her singing along to the radio in the car and noted that she had a “really solid voice” and encouraged her to do a demo. With a “why not?” attitude, she started recording cover songs, which lead her to writing her own music. After she wrote her first song, she “felt like her brain was just put together like a puzzle and everything felt like it fit for the first time.”

She says writing songs is an “uncontainable compulsion” for her. When a song is coming out, it takes precedence over everything and finds it’s way out of her, either on a piece of paper, a recording device or by calling herself and leaving a message on her answering machine with melody and lyric ideas.
She took some detours and stopped writing for a couple years. After experiencing what can only be described as an “emotional exorcism” she realized that she could not live without songwriting, and jumped right back in!

She has performed in several different types of bands ranging from pop rock, blues, punk and hip-hop. She has produced and released two solo albums. Currently she is working on new material in all different genres of music and collaborating with several other artists including Grammy Award winner Dave Merenda. She has a publishing deal with Five Alarm Music and works on a variety of collaborations for music licensing.
In 2010, she won an award for her collaborative work on “I Still Love Her” by Expel, which was recognized as “BestHip-Hop Song” for the Malibu Music Awards. In 2012, she was nominated for “Best Pop Song” and “Best Singer/Songwriter Song” as well.
By day, she is a self-described “female Jack Black” from the movie “School of Rock” and teaches High School students how to write and record music as well as the history of Rock and Roll.
She says her bottom line goal with her music is to “heal herself and others and encourage all people to not be afraid to be who they really are, everyone can fly.”
Venue Information:
Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107