Magilla Magpie, Drop Apollo

Magilla Magpie

Drop Apollo

Yonat and Her Muse

Sat, June 16, 2012

9:00 pm

$8 Advance/$10 at the Door

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

Magilla Magpie
Magilla Magpie
Magilla Magpie is an emerging San Francisco-based psychedelic rock trio, which formed serendipitously when time went vertical on 11/11/11.

Jeremy Jones, a talented multi-instrumentalist & songwriter from New Orleans, washed up in the Bay Area after being a vagabond and traversing the Asian continent for several years. While meditating on top of the Himalayan mountain range and deep in trance, he was struck by a vision that music moves at the speed of love. Coming down from the mountain, he decided to put a band together to spread the experience.

Jeremy teamed up with drummer Tycho Bergquist whose past is relatively unknown. It's widely believed that Tycho is the offspring of an old school Bay Area hippy & an octopus. Not much else is clear.

Michael Cappello, aka Mr. Bass Bear, aka the Pope of Sh*tting in the Woods, was soon brought on board because of his mutton chops, dancing fingers, and his complete inability to turn down the noise.

The three of them are deeply influenced by the hard-driving rhythms of Tool, the ethereal & hypnotic songwriting of Radiohead, and the exploratory improvisation of Phish.

A mere three-and-a-half months after their Big Bang formation, Magilla Magpie recorded live in the studio their debut album, Triad.
Drop Apollo
Drop Apollo
Drop Apollo is a 5 piece band from San Francisco whose style is a modern blend of funk, soul, and rock. They're currently recording a full length album to follow up their debut EP 'New King'. Their music can be found on iTunes as well as at
Yonat and Her Muse
Yonat and Her Muse
Hearing Yonat & Her Muse play their eclectic folk-soul songs will break your heart wide open.

Yonat Mayer, the band's front woman, songwriter and singer has been crafting songs for over a decade and performing as a solo artist. In collaboration with bassist Mark Bailey and drummer John Russell, the trio is currently performing at Bay Area venues and quickly gaining popularity. They are recording their debut album and hit single "Wild Hearts" in the Oakland hills to be released soon.

Yonat's music is a product of musings and meditations on love and longing. Born in Milwaukee, her original vocal role models are powerful divas such as Aretha Franklin, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, and other soulful heavyweights like Joni Mitchell and Carol King.

Having spent ten years in Israel she is also deeply influenced by Jewish prayer and Israeli soul music. Yonat studied music at Israel's leading contemporary music school, Rimon and has also been trained and is inspired by a practice of Indian Classical voice music.

Yonat released one live album in 2006, "Yonat - Live in Milwaukee" and a fully produced studio project in 2009 called "City of Longing". Her recent and most intimate live recording, "Hineni" was released in May 2011.
Venue Information:
Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107