Shook Twins, Hotel Eden

Shook Twins

Hotel Eden

Strangelove Labs

Tue, June 5, 2012

8:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Shook Twins
Shook Twins
“A unique, personal music that lights up the stage with its joy and enthusiasm.” Mason Jennings

Portland OR — Identical twins Laurie Shook (vocals, banjo, percussion and beatboxing) and Katelyn Shook (vocals, guitar and mandolin), are two thirds of the quirky folk trio, Shook Twins. Rounding out the trio, often referred to as the “third twin,” is Kyle Volkman on bass. The Shook Twins intertwine gorgeous “twin” harmonies with an eclectic and eccentric blend of folk, roots, pop and fun. Jeff Rosenberg of the Willamette Weekly says, “Their songs are witty and well-built, the performances poised, the production adventurous. Recently transplanted to Portland, Shook Twins are the most exciting local folk act I've heard in ages. Strike that word "local" and the sentiment still stands.”

Originally from Sandpoint Idaho, the twins have been making music together since childhood. Playful, warm and lighthearted, a Shook Twins show percolates with the twin’s infectious radiant energy. Pristine vocals layered on top of traditional stringed folk instruments, create lovely aural imagery of two women with one sound.
But don’t be fooled. The Shook Twins are not your average folk trio. They have a few tricks up their sleeves. Laurie may drop a beat-box in the middle of a song, while Katelyn plays the guitar, glockenspiel, mandolin, and sings into a telephone and bocks like a chicken. Laurie plays wah-wah Banjo and loops various melodies and beats to make it sound like more than just two identical twin sisters. Meanwhile Kyle lays down the groove adding resonant bass lines to the mix. It’s a refreshing romp filled with unexpected surprises.

This past year the Shook Twins have been touring behind their sophomore CD Window released in April 2011, taking them throughout much of the Northwest. Along the way, The Shook Twins have shared the stage with artists including Ryan Adams, Mason Jennings, Laura Veirs, Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Fruit Bats, Michelle Shocked, JJ Gray and MoFro, Crooked Still, Jason Webley, The Head and The Heart and many more.
Hotel Eden
Hotel Eden
Hotel Eden started as a solo project by Kelly Warner, a musician who moved from Columbus, Ohio to San Francisco in 2010. Evolving from a solo act to a four piece band, Hotel Eden's live show and recordings dive headlong into a wide range of pop-motivated styles, orbiting around layers of head-nodding beats, piano, Greenwood-esque guitar and groovy basslines all blended together with unmistakable tinges of vintage psychedelic rock, soul, and hiphop. Warner frequents the keys and guitar onstage, also injecting elements of turntablism into the mix alongside John Nash on bass, Louis Chinn on guitar & MPC,Samuel Diaz Romo on drum kit.
Strangelove Labs
Strangelove Labs
For almost a year, ominous rumors have been privately circulating among high-level Western leaders that a trio of musicians were at work on the ultimate musical weapon, a potent blend of pop styles laced with infectious melodies. From its secret testing site in Oakland’s Cleveland Heights, Strangelove Labs is ready to unleash this experiment on an unsuspecting world.

The guitar-less trio takes something of a mad-scientist approach to indie pop, stitching together a diverse but complementary array of influences and interests. Is it a good idea to crossbreed vintage keyboard sounds with oddball stringed instruments like ukulele and bouzouki? Who cares? Here at Strangelove Labs, we don’t ask whether we should do something, only whether it works.

With all three members taking turns at writing, lyrics range from wry satire to earnest love songs. Run the music through a mass spectrometer, and you might find trace elements of Ben Folds Five, The Avett Brothers and Rilo Kiley, along with the signature spectra of bluesy, jazzy riffs, lively acoustic picking, breezy, charming melodies, and meticulously arranged, three-part harmonies.

Named for the role the East Bay’s own Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory played in inspiring Stanley Kubrick’s classic film, Strangelove Labs was founded in early 2011. While searching for compatible musical collaborators, Bill Chapin (bouzouki, mandolin) and Joshuah Stolaroff (keyboard, percussion) were introduced through mutual friends. Upon discovering they lived within a half mile of each other and after a few encouraging jam sessions, band formation became all but inevitable. They were later joined by Lauren Minis (ukulele, percussion) to produce an irresistible musical mixture.

The group’s self-produced debut EP is now available as a free download, featuring five songs about blossoming romance, impending revolution, and existential crisis on the 101—all built on pop grooves as pure and natural as our precious bodily fluids.
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Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107